AAA Purple Cheesecake


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Purple Cheese is an autoflowering indica dominant hybrid strain created through a three-way cross of Purple #1 X Blue Cheese X Lowryder. Although its exact indica to sativa ratio is unknown, it is thought to be closed to evenly balanced based on its effects. The exact THC and CBD levels of this bud are unknown due to its rarity, but it is said to have an incredibly powerful THC level and a relatively high CBD level, too. Legend says that Purple Cheese was bred to introduce autoflowering characteristics to the Blue Cheese strain as well as a more enticing flavor. That being said, Purple Cheese definitely has a unique taste of sweet fruity candy with overtones of powerful musky cheese. The aroma is relatively mild, with hints of sweet pungent blue cheese and a slight touch of fruity berry.


14g, 28g


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