Orange Mimosa AAAA $35/$60/$$100/$190


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Mimosa X Orange Punch is a new super compact strain with explosive orange flavor. The beta-caryophyllene, linalool and limonene terpenes create a sweet, tangerine aroma. This cross manages to maintain the amazingly high yields of Mimosa Evo but in a compact size. Without a doubt, this is one of the most colorful editions of the Cali Collection, where the buds present deep purple hues in this elegant plant, a beauty rarely seen in the plant world. Dense buds with citrus aromas and an incredible 30% THC! his champion hybrid will be an absolute delight; a very robust plant that produces multiple buds, large and dense, highly resinous and heavy, covered with bright orange pistils dripping with trichomes. At harvest time the enjoyment of this strain really raises the bar, the dense, heavy buds are extremely easy to manicure and give off citrusy orange candy aromas.


1/8oz (3.5g), 1/4oz (7g), 1/2oz (14g), 1oz (28g)


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