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Penis Envy Magic Mushroom Description



The Penis Envy mushrooms species belong to the Psilocybe Cubensis family. Penis Envy shrooms are highly potent as compared to other cubensis shrooms. These shrooms have short and thick stems. The stems are, however, hollow inside, yet fleshy. The highly potent shrooms have pale underdeveloped caps which do not open wide, reminiscent of the male reproductive organ. You can eat the mushrooms whole or put some pieces in mushroom tea. Before taking them, ensure you dry them.



Penis Envy Mushroom Effects



Similar to other magic mushrooms, individuals experience four main stages after taking Penis Envy shrooms. These stages are; ingestion, the onset of the effects, the trip and finally, the come-down. These stages vary depending on the ingestion method and the amount of dosage consumed. Unlike many cubensis mushrooms whose effects come in waves, the Penis Envy shroom delivers a solid ride from the onset to the end of the trip experience. Some minutes after consuming the shrooms, users experience a mood enhancement coupled with excitement and euphoria. Depending on the amount consumed, you will start to experience visual enhancements. Here, you will feel the environment around you more alive and reconnect with nature. Also, your mind will open up to introspective thoughts. Penis Envy shrooms will make you appreciate art and music at a deeper level. The trip lasts for a relatively long time, 3-6 hours, depending on the ingestion method and the amount ingested.


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