Skywalker *Hybrid*


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his strain is a descendant of Alien Kush, an indica, and Tahoe OG Kush, an indica-dominant hybrid. The exact genetic makeup of Purple Alien is unknown, but its parentage suggests it’s indica-heavy. The aroma is sweet and floral, with sweet hints of pine and soil, while the flavor is subtle but tart. The cone-shaped buds have a dark green color with frosty encrusted trichomes blanketing the surface. THC levels are largely a mystery, as are CBD contents. But it isn’t widely known as a CBD strain, so it probably shouldn’t be used as the sole treatment for patients with seizures. The indica genes produce a calming body buzz while the sativa delivers clear-headed, energetic cerebral effects. Use Purple Alien to treat anxiety, depression, mood disorders, irritability, and everyday stress. There are few public reports of side effects, but dry mouth, dry eyes, and paranoia are probably the most common. It’s possible to find this strain at medical marijuana dispensaries in California, Oregon, and Michigan, but it’s scarce in other places, including the black market. Save Purple Alien for late nights, as it generates powe


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