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Those who have been in the presence of fresh, ready-to-be-harvested marijuana know that its smell is like nothing else. A well-made concentrate will have good potency and a smooth flavor that is a true representation of its strain, but it won’t touch the epicness that is live resin. To understand how it is superior to its concentrate counterparts, you need to understand how it’s different that the rest, and that starts right after harvesting.


Many will argue that the most important part of cannabis cultivation is the drying and curing process, but something is lost in the curing process. Since the plants are preserved by the removal of moisture, it is inevitable that a small percentage of the plant’s terpenes dissipate as well. For those who haven’t discovered what terpenes are, they’re the oils in cannabis that make up the unique flavor and feeling associated with each strain.


Live resin (or any live concentrate) does not bother with the curing process. It’s made by flash freezing a plant just minutes after harvest, then extracting from there. Live resin is usually extracted with butane and purged in a vacuum oven. The result is a perfectly preserved terpene profile. The sweet, fruity aroma of the fresh plant is transferred into something you can taste, and smell. It has been given the well-deserved title of “the champagne of concentrates” because of it’s luxurious flavor and higher price point. I assure you, it’s well worth it.


When shopping for live resin, there are a few factors to consider. One factor is the look of the live resin. It should have a warm color that can range from gold to a deep amber. Well-made live resin should also have a decent balance of crystals and liquid. The crystals are THC, the liquids are terpenes. Flavor is a major component of live resin that has given its well-deserved connoisseur-pleasing status. As the old saying goes, the nose knows.


Since live resin has more terpenes, it has more flavor and aromatics. Terpenes work with your body when you smell and inhale them. These spellbinding oils actually modulate the effects of THC, so they are your key to knowing if a particular strain is right for you. All other concentrates are made from dried cured flower, so they will be flavorful, but the flavor is muted in comparison since the full terpene profile is not preserved after the curing process.


Anyone wishing to dabble in the delicious nectar that is live resin can enjoy it in a multitude of ways. Dabbing is the most popular way to consume concentrates. This can be done can either by using a rig or a dab straw. Most people don’t drink fine wine out of a solo cup, and it’s best to take that approach to live resin.


Too hot, and precious terpenes burn off making the dab harsh and toasted. Not hot enough, and the flavor is lackluster and the dab lacks depth. If dabbing live resin, reach for glass or quartz for temperature control and flavor.


If the idea of using a torch is too much, vape pens or dab pens can be a fantastic alternative. Much like the devices for dabbing, not all pens are created equal. Pens with spheres are cheap, not at all discrete, and change the flavor of the concentrate. We recommend a pen with a ceramic dish or a pen with a crystal dual coil and the ability to change temperature.


Live resin is Mary Jane’s way of reminding us to enjoy the more fine things in life. Treat yourself to some live resin today!




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